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Jerky-n-Spice On Line Shopping Catalog

We offer Jerky-n-Spice Beef and Exotic Wild game Jerky as well as our own Biltong & Droewers.  To find out more about these products press the buttons below.

JNS Beef Jerky JNS Turkey Jerky JNS Exotic Game Jerky Biltong

In addition we offer a wide variety of Beef jerky fron Gold Rush Farms.

We also offer an extensive variety of Wild Game Jerky from Buffalo Bob.

And we offer over 30 different selections of Meat Snacks (Smokies) including Wild Game, Beef, Turkey and Pork selections including FRESH smokies from Slavic Village.

We also carry a wide variety of Seasonings, Rubs, Salsas, Marinades and Spices including Jerky & Sausage Making Kits from Hi Mountain Seasonings.

We offer the largest selection of hot sauces in the County as well as an incredible number of other hot products that earned us an award for being "The Best Place in Cleveland to Burn Your Mouth Off."

If your passion is grilling or smoking we have all the seasonings, wood chips, rubs, brines and what have you to enhance your grilling or smoking experience.

We have a special affinity for the Military so if you have a loved one in the service or someone whom you would like to surprise, check out our military special.

Select the items you would like to shop for from the buttons on the left or click the appropriate logo below for Exotic Jerky Selections.




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