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Jerky-n-Spice® Beef Jerky has been chosen from the best offerings across the country. It is moist, tender & delicious that will make you come back for more.

Original Beef

  Real Western  

Blazin' Hot Beef

  Sweet & Spicy




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 Jerky-n-Spice® Exotic Game Jerky is made from 100% exotic game and fish meat.  There is no domestic meat added to alter the flavor.

When you eat Shark or Alligator jerky it's pure Shark or Alligator or any of the other exotic flavors we offer.

All offerings come in vacuum-sealed resealable bags to retain freshness.

Python Jerky comes in a 1.5 oz. Bag.  Snapping Turtle comes in a 1.75 oz. bag.  Cajun Alligator comes in a 2 oz. bag and all the others come in 3 oz. bags.



Peppered Python Jerky $14.99


Cajun Alligator Jerky $14.99

Peppered Snapping Turtle $11.99
Peppered Mako Shark Jerky $11.99
  Peppered AHI Tuna Jerky $11.99
Teriyaki AHI Tuna Jerky $11.99
Peppered Salmon Jerky $11.99
  Teriyaki Salmon Jerky $11.99
Peppered Kangaroo Jerky $11.99

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