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The Best Jerky Store in Northeast Ohio.

We are conveniently located in Strongsville, Ohio.

We offer the tastiest jerky in the world!!


We are so proud of our jerky that we ship it worldwide via our On-Line Store or from phone orders.

We have have sampled hundreds of brands of jerky from all over the country and found most to be lacking in flavor or texture or both.  So we have introduced our own line of jerky that is sure to knock your socks off.  Click the button below to peruse our Wide variety of Jerky-n-Spice products.

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We also now offer Biltong & Droewers, the snacks introduced in South Africa 400 years ago!  If your looking for beef snacks without Nitrites or additives, check these out.


Unlike your run of the mill jerky store "Spice" is the other half of our name.  So we also provide the widest selection of Hot Sauces in the area. We top that off with hard to find Salsas, Rubs, Seasonings, BBQ Sauces, Snacks and more which earned us the designation from Cleveland's The Scene Magazine as

We also offer a convenient place to order Gold Rush Jerky and smokies on-line. ...

"The Best Place in Cleveland to Burn Your Tongue Off"!

Check out what other customers have to say about us!  Testimonials

We feature the best jerky and smokies in the business including world famous Up North Jerky, Buffalo Bob's Exotic Wild Game jerky and meat snacks and Medina Meat's Gold Rush smokies. We even carry Vegan Jerky!

We also carry fresh smokies in our store that are made by a local Slavic village sausage shop that has been making smokies 100 years!

We also feature everything you need to make your own Jerky, Smokies or Sausages including Jerky Making Seasonings, Sausage Making Seasonings, Meat Stick Seasonings, casings, Jerky guns, Jerky screens, Dehydrators, Smokers, Grinders and more.

We have a special affinity towards our military and offer special discounts and free shipping on most of our products for U.S active duty servicemen.

Just click the button that describes your area of interest.

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